Samantha (Suanne Garrison) Stewart
April 10, 1970-September 4, 2016

Samantha Maureen Stewart, loving wife, sister and friend, passed away unexpectedly on Sept. 4 in Monterey, CA. She was 46.

Born April 10, 1970 in St. Paul, Minn., she was named Suanne Garrison, later changing her name to Samantha. Her twin sister Sarah narrowly beat her to the starting line of life. Samantha was the youngest daughter of Mark Garrison, who lives in Minnesota, and Susan Adams, who preceded her on the heavenly path.

Samantha grew up in the Twin Cities and graduated from Stout University in Wisconsin. She moved to Northern California in 1996, beginning a career in business supply chain operations. She took her energy, wisdom and character to a number of companies, spending most of the last decade working at ALOM for Hannah Kain, whom she greatly respected.

Samantha married Jerry Stewart at the Sunset Center in Carmel, CA in 2000. After the ceremony, they followed a bagpiper, walking hand in hand through the streets of Carmel to the reception area. And they continued to walk hand in hand for another 16 beautiful years. 

Sam very much enjoyed a close relationship with Jerry’s mother Helga, and his siblings, James, Susan and Debra along with their families.

Samantha’s natural bond with her twin Sarah of Seattle was just as strong with her older sister, Shireen of Reno, Nevada. Despite distances and the rigors of their lives, the three “Garrison girls” were in close contact, both physically and spiritually. They enjoyed traveling together, watching true-crime shows, talking endlessly, and “cackling” together.    

Samantha was a lover of animals (especially elephants), literature, music, walks, great food, and the outdoors. She so loved her adopted state of California that she vowed to never leave it.

Affectionately nicknamed “Sammy”, she was a fun loving and energetic woman. Friends and family cherished her spirit and bright personality.  She was a great listener, was compassionate and empathetic.   

She is survived by her husband, Jerry, sisters Sarah and Shireen Garrison, brother-in-law Joe Amireault, also of Reno, her father Mark and step-mom Nancy, the Stewart in-laws, step-siblings Tina, Elliott, Kata and families, numerous aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews and all of the many other family and friends whose lives she touched and whom she loved.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to Save the Elephants ( or to a local animal shelter.

Sadly, the following classmates are no longer with us. 
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Samantha (Suanne Garrison) Stewart    (1970-2016)        

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Jason Fine
Jason Fine
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Richard Raasch
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Joel Stevens
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Rich Gittelson
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Amy MacMillan